Nausica – Interview – English version

nausica_3Your name, Nausica, was inspired by “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind”, an animation movie directed by Miyazaki. Why did you choose exactly this name?

Edita: The whole story is such a timeless beauty. Filled with strength , the power of imagination, reality and fiction. It just got to me and inspired me , so the very first Nausica song was actually called “Toxic Raindrops” inspired by the “toxic jungle” in Miyazaki’s film, a forest swarming with giant mutant insects in which everything is lethal to humans, but in which the figure “Nausicaa” manages to befriend and communicate with its creatures.


Nausica are composed by four people, coming from three different European countries: Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. You said, in fact, that geography was against you. How did you meet each other? How do you manage to organize your work together?

We basically met at the conservatory in Arnhem (the Netherlands), and we all studied music there. But actually the moment we reached out for each other was just after that time, when our artistic visions and ideas crossed their ways. So at the moment half of the band lives in Holland, the other one in Germany and we of course have to have a creative and pragmatic concentration on getting together to create and to keep up a good energy flow. I think we’re definitely a band of these times, making use of social media and that stuff, in this digital revolution. It helps to communicate across the borders. But we’re also all equally driven to reach the goals we have, like playing around the world, starting in Milan!



Let’s talk about your encounter with Italy… How did it happen? Do you like doing concerts here? In your opinion, are there any substantial difference comparing Italy to the rest of Europe or USA?

Edita : Oh actually it’s our first concert in Italy, we’re so much looking forward to that! We’ve got a great press agency, which is actually settled in Rome, “Waves For The Masses” and they do an incredible job. We already had some good press responses in Italy, so we definitely would like to give some concerts in Italy in the near future.

Is there any Italian artist or band you like and listen to?

Edita: Ennio Morricone and Carlo Pedersoli


 What are your greater musical, literary and cinematographic influences (except Miyazaki)?

Edita:Carlo Pedersoli of course 😉 but to keep the list short, I would say at the moment one of our favorites is the collaborative project ‘Sisyphus’ (Serengeti, Son Lux and Sufjan Stevens) the combination of a rapper, songwriter and producer is just fantastic.


Your idea of music is limitless and above all far from any genre definition… But, if you had to describe it with three adjectves, which ones would you choose?

Edita: timeless, oldschool and futuristic


 All “The molecules fall closer” songs are strongly dynamic: twisted effects, ever-present percussions, tearing rock-episodes, delicate lullabies… Even the voice, here, acts as a musical insturment. So, what is, in your opinion, the main purpose of music?

Edita: My voice is something given. So somehow I feel like it’s my duty to use it. And if it’s over, I will stop and just be fine with it. It’s not my vision of thinking that there’s any purpose of music, but I know in fact that I make people happy and that I give them something to think about, to get inspired by. And when I get something like that from somebody else, I’m deeply greatful. So yeah, I think they feel the same, the purpose is happiness and the stimulation of a greater idea of life.


Why did you choose to make your debut with two eps, before sinking into a long-playing disco?

Edita: It just happened like that. The latest EP was made in 3 weeks time including mixing, producing and mastering. We wanted to have recordings which reflect our actual live sound in order to be able to play and work on the real album. That goes well, so we’re really looking forward to that, of course money is also an issue. We’re still paying off our debts for the EP, so every support we get is great, like playing in Milan gives us a lot of energy back.


First question about future: what’s in the near future of Nausica?

Edita:We’re playing some gigs in Germany and Belgium, and we’re working on an album ready to release in 2015, which is quite exciting, we’re really looking forward to that.


Second question about future: how do you imagine yourselves within ten years?

Edita: Oh that’s not a question, that’s a virtual futuristic game, where you can choose what life you want to have. Haha. I think for now we would definitely choose the virtual life of a band who has the best booker ever, to play around the whole world. We definitely like to visit more countries in Europe, the US and Japan. But therefore we need a booking agency and that has to be a good one, who understands our musical expression and wants to take risks. It’s like you said, we’re quite genreless, and therefore not easy to put in a box, so we know we have to find the right person to work with.